No Big Scene

After I received my coffee and tea biscuit, I scanned the room for a quiet spot.  Aha!  My eye caught the “bird’s eye view” table in the corner – a perfect spot to write and catch the goings-on in the coffee shop.  I made a bee-line to it and got there safely without spilling my coffee.   

 Just as I was about to settle in, a young boy about twelve years of age rushed over with a cold drink and announced, “I was sitting here!”

 Apparently he had gotten up to get something when I honed into his territory.  I mumbled apologetically, “Oh, you were sitting here.”  I departed feeling a little embarrassed and put out.  I wanted that table.

 Can you image the scene if I had refused to leave?  What if I had just plunked myself down and replied, “You snooze; you lose, kid!”

 Then what would he have done?  Perhaps thrown his drink at me?  Aha!  A food fight!  I would have tossed my hot coffee at him.  He’d scream, then punch me, I’d kick him…the police would be summoned…we’d be charged for disturbing the peace and destruction of property.

 But nothing like that happened.  I quietly left and found another table. 

 I wonder what others thought as I got up and left.  Did they think, ‘Poor lady, ousted by a kid.’ or ‘What a nice lady to quietly leave and find another table.’ or ‘What a wimp!  She should have stood up to that kid!  Shame on that boy for treating his elders like that!’

 You see how easy it is to avoid a big scene?  Just walk away. 

 Here is what I learned from that little incident; it doesn’t matter what others think as long as I’m doing what is right; arguing over a trivial matter is a waste of precious time; everyone deserves respect even children; holding a grudge or wallowing in feelings of offense or allowing our minds to plot revenge only keeps us from maturing in our character and stifles grace from blossoming.  There are times to stand up and be assertive but when it comes to insignificant things it’s best to avoid a big scene by turning the other cheek. 


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Downhill Skiing

Today, I tested my new downhill ski boots.  When I pulled them on, I noticed a price sticker still stuck on the side of the heel.  Did I rip it off?  Did it embarrass me?  Nah!  It reminded me of Minny Pearl.  Remember that sweet funny country lady in her petty country dress and the straw hat with the price tag waving in the breeze?  I thought, ‘Let the tag remind me to be sweet and keep my humour when people are spraying snow in my face as they swoosh by, cut me off on the trail and beat me to the lift.’  Did it work?  Well…I had a great day!  I think I’ll go again!  Swoosh!  Swoosh!
Aunt Shirley

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Hello story lovers!

Welcome to Aunt Shirley’s WordPress Pages! Here is the latest news…

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