Sample Story

The Wedding Dress

In a lovely valley there was a town called Elm View, where two excellent seamstresses lived. They were twins, Selma and Helga. Their business was called The Golden Needle.

Unfortunately business had been very slow for the past few months. They were very worried about covering their expenses. Advertising and flyers had failed to stir up customers.

On the edge of town lived a rich man named Mr. Alton Ashford. He owned a beautiful mansion on several acres, enclosed by a high barred wire fence and huge black iron gates.

One day he sent a limo to The Golden Needle to pick up the sisters and bring them to his mansion.

Selma and Helga were very nervous about meeting Mr. Ashford. They had heard about his dishonest ways of making money and his terrible temper. As they sat in his office, they tightly held onto each other.

Mr. Ashford explained that he had two daughters who were getting married that summer. He wanted wedding gowns made of the finest satin, and trimmed in delicate lace and real pearls. Money was no problem – he was prepared to pay a high price. He snapped open a leather brief case to reveal stacks of crisp twenties. Their eyes widened in astonishment. . . .

Will Selma and Helga take this job?

If they do, will they do their best work for this man of questionable reputation?