Pastors’ Recommendations

“Through the art of dramatic storytelling, the most human, and ancient form of art, “Aunt Shirley” displays her unique ability to creatively engage with audiences as she taps into the imaginations of listeners.  In doing so she not only entertains, but connects the dramatic and humourous stories she reads with the deeper narratives of life and faith which resonate with us all.”

Rev. Jason Tripp, Lead Pastor – Valleyview Community Church, Blezard Valley, ON.

“People in Mexico remember Aunt Shirley with warmth.  She was a refreshing and dignified representative of Jesus and Come To The Waters; a humble and Spirit led servant.”

Rev. Armida Schulha, Founder, President, Chair – Come To The Waters Ministries International

“The Lord has very evidently gifted “Aunt Shirley” with the ability to write and tell captivating, parable-like stories to fit any occasion and to reach/teach any age group.”

Rev. Terry Grimes, Senior Pastor – Westside Tabernacle, Corner Brook, NL

“Shirley has a delightful, disarming way of communicating concepts and truths that are rooted in real life in the setting of dramatic storytelling.”

Rev. Jurgen Rausch, Senior Pastor – Scott St. Mennonite Brethern Church, St. Catharines, ON.



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