Aunt Shirley’s Bio

  • Shirley S. Tye was born in 1952 to a Finnish immigrant couple in the Nickel Capital of the world, Sudbury, Ontario. She married an electrician, John, in 1976 and thought she would always live in her beloved town. But in 1982 they were forced to seek work elsewhere after a massive mine layoff. They settled in a peaceful farming village in the Kawartha Lakes area (Ontario) where the landscape is dotted with cottages and abandoned century old churches.  In the late fall of 2010, Shirley and John were able to returned to Sudbury to be near family again and enjoy semi-retirement.
  • Shirley’s restless nature keeps her on the move – perhaps an inherited trait from her Laplander grandfather. She enjoys traveling, writing, painting and sketching. She has also performed on stage for an amateur theatre group.  The desire to write emerged in 1986 when she took a correspondence writing course. Since then she has taken numerous courses and workshops to hone her God-given talent.
  • Shirley looks at the world with curiosity and enthusiasm, asking her favorite questions; “What’s that?” “Why?” and “Why not?” Believing in negatives without ever trying is true failure according to Shirley. But if one has tried and failed – that’s a lesson learned. She has fought through difficult times with what the Finns call “sisu” (perseverance) and hung unto God’s promises. He has always proved to be a very present help and a source of continuous encouragement.  Now she is stepping out in faith as the flamboyant character “Aunt Shirley” to follow God’s calling to be an encourager through the power of stories teaching truth.

Shirley is a psychotherapist and a chaplain with her own practice.